What's in My (Camera) Bag

My most frequently asked question is what equipment do I carry in my camera bag.  Everyone has they're own take on the necessary must-haves but its all about whatever works for you and how you manage.  So, if you want to know what I shoot with keep on reading lol

1)    Prime Lens – have a single maximum aperture and a fixed focal length, meaning you have to physically zoom in and out to your subject.  Since the apertures are lower you can use them to shoot in lowlight situations and they give you a more shallow depth of field. 

2)    Aperture – Is what controls the amount of light that enters your camera sensor.

3)    ISO – Is the sensitivity to light.  A high ISO is for a more lowlight situation and a low ISO is for a brighter day.

4)    Shutter Speed (exposure) – The amount of time the camera is exposed to light. Slow shutter speed allows more light to enter and a fast shutter speed allows for less light. 

Now to the good stuff, what I carry in my bag and use on a daily basis:

Nikon D800: I've had this camera for 7 years now and I'm still taking some of my best photos with it. Actually, this is the only camera body I use period lol It's a bit on the pricer side but I've gotten many priceless memories out of it that it totally makes it worth the price.  

50MM 1.4 Nikon Lens:

My first and favorite go to lens would have to be my 50mm 1.4 prime lens.  I shoot almost all my portrait shots with this baby and I think it’s an awesome piece of lens to add to your collection. With the f-stop being so low it allows me to shoot in areas with minimal lighting and still maintain a crisp image.  The photos are amazing and so clear, it’s hard for me to use any other lens. It's literally the one that is on my camera everyday and I very rarely change it.  This one is for sure my daily basis lens.  

85MM 1.8f Nikon Lens:

My next lens is, of course another prime, can you tell they are my favorite? The 85mm 1.8 is my second go to when I’m shooting.  It’s a tighter crop compared to the 50mm but it still gives me the best images. 

24-70MM 2.8 Nikon Lens:

This Lens is a must have in my bag, its perfect for when I need to shoot at a distance but be able to zoom out in a split second without having to change lenses. I generally use this lens during large events.  

-Batteries: If I know I'm going to be gone and shooting all day I carry anywhere from 2-3, not including the one in my camera.  You never want to leave your house without some extra batteries, especially if you're shooting a wedding or big event where you're camera is going to be on the whole time.  If I'm doing a small shoot, I usually only carry one or two max.  Nikon battery life is pretty good but you never want to be without an extra.  Always carry regular batteries for your flash as well, mine takes 4 double-A's, so I make sure to carry 8.  

-Memory Cards: I generally bring a whole case with me and don't shoot on anything larger than 8GB.  I've heard horror stories of people shooting on 16-32GB cards and the whole thing became corrupt which resulted in them loosing all they're images.  So, as per recommended by many teachers and colleagues, I try and use as many cards as possible. 

External Flash: I currently own the SB-700 AF Speedlight from Nikon.  It's a great flash and not very heavy or hard to control, plus it fits perfectly in my camera bag.  

Monopod: The one I use is the 294 Aluminum 4 Section Monopod I like using my monopod because it's not as heavy or so much of hassle to carry around.  It's perfect for keeping my arm steady when I have to shoot on low shutter speeds.  This obviously doesn't fit in my bag but it does have a connector that can attach to it lol

Camera Bag: The one I use wasn't listed online but this is very similar and around the same size, actually, a little bit bigger than mine.  I like using backpacks because they are easier on me, I love the satchel type but it becomes too heavy on my shoulder and eventually starts to dig into them.  The backpack allows the weight to be evenly distributed onto both of them so its not as bad, especially when your shooting the whole day.  

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